“You forgot that I was human”


Paris Jackson launches its own reality show in which we see her with her boyfriend, in her extraordinary life.

“You saw a child grow up before your eyes, forgetting that I was human. It was not my choice. At that time, I was not ready. But I think I am now. ” These are the words of Paris Jackson commenting on the teaser of his own reality show, “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn”, where we see her with her boyfriend.

In this program, which will be broadcast on Tuesday June 30, 2020 on Facebook, the daughter of the king of pop tells her new life with her folk music group, The Soundflowers, which she forms with her darling, Gabriel Glenn. “As soon as I met him, we started making music,” said the 22-year-old American. After meeting in a bar in Los Angeles in 2018, they never left each other. “We immediately vibrated for each other and we spent three days together, reveals Paris in the first episode. Within a week, I was already living in his van. ”

For his part, the young American musician also feels in harmony with his girlfriend. “With her, I feel at home, it was something so natural,” he says. I felt like we were both damaged. ” Michael Jackson’s daughter went through difficult times during her childhood, notably linked to the celebrity of her father who died in 2009. “Gabriel understands the pain that I’ve known all my life. It helped me understand that I was born to make music. The pressure of having to follow in my father’s footsteps, to be compared to him and scrutinized is still there, but we are working on it. ” According to Paris, his reality TV show has a very specific objective. “I would like to allow people to gain confidence and courage,” she says. I love that my music helps people and allows them to connect. A Jackson who makes folk music? They weren’t expecting it at all. ” The duo has just released their first EP containing five titles.


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