“Zero risk does not exist. Measures until July 31”


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“In Italy we are on the right track, but let’s not delude ourselves: there is no zero risk without it vaccine“. So Roberto Speranza in his speech in Parliament to present the new Dpcm of the government on coronavirus. The Minister of Health has been called to report to Palazzo Madama on the contents of the measure implementing the containment measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A measure with which the Executive Conte extends the current measures until July 31: obligation to wear the mask in indoor places, compliance in the workplace with safety protocols, the ban on gatherings, criminal penalties for those who violate the quarantine, entry ban and quarantine obligation (of 14 days) from non-EU countries, controls on borders, in ports and airports.

“We, in Italy, are not yet in a safe haven, for two simple reasons: the virus, although with a reduced form and with a prevalence of asymptomatic cases, it continues to circulate. We are objectively exposed to the risk of importing Covid from Italians who come from abroad or from foreign citizens who come to Italy. These are risks that we can control but not eliminate, “added the owner of Salute Speranza, who pointed out on the migration crisis in action: “Particular attention is being adopted in these hours to landings on our shores, with rigorous controls and quarantine obligations. No underestimation can be accepted. ”

That’s why we can’t let our guard down. “In forty days in the world the number of infected people has doubled: the infected people have exceeded the threshold of 13 million and the dead are now more than half a million. It is quite clear that we cannot let our guard down. Let’s not divide on this, please. Even in the scientific community there is debate, but nobody says that we should not wear masks that we must not respect the distance and do the washing of the hands “, he continued in his speech in the Senate hall, thus extending his hand to the oppositions, held so far in little or nothing consideration by the Giallorossi majority

In short, as you know, the game against the invisible enemy has not yet been won and what is worrying is the international framework: “The data of the contagion they grow everywhere: on our planet Covid has affected one citizen for every 650 inhabitants: the wave is getting higher and higher in the East and South of the planet. He is an enemy that we have not yet defeated and continues to claim victims. ”

On the extension of the state of national emergency Until December 31, 2020, Speranza stalled, saying that no decision had yet been taken, thus postponed to a future council of ministers: “At the moment no decision has been taken. The CDM will have to meet and personally I am convinced that Parliament must be a protagonist. of the decision-making process. The Prime Minister himself but reiterated the availability for a moment of ad hoc discussion. A comparison is necessary to face the evaluations and indications that Parliament will want to express. This debate is a real possibility for a correct dialectic between government and Parliament”.


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