10 things you didn’t know about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU

10 things you didn't know about Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU

Marvel had had trouble creating the Spider-Man perfect, Tobey Maguire It wasn’t terrible, but it was more Peter than Sidey, and Andrew Garfield He didn’t do it wrong, but he was more Spide than Peter, and it wasn’t until they found Tom Holland who were able to create the perfect hero and who most closely resembled the character who was born in the comics in the 1960s.

Tom Holland it’s the perfect match between geek Peter Parker and the incredible Spider-Man, y Marvel created the best movies for him (well, after Spider-Man: into the Spider Verse). These movies not only gave Spider a new life, they were also filled with references to classic characters and small tributes to the legendary character’s story.

Now him Spider-Man of Tom Holland plays a key role in the future of MCU and many fans believe that he will be the hero to take the place of Tony Stark in a new Avengers group that could include Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Yeleba Belova (which will take the place of Black Widiw), Doctor Strange and the new characters that, like Shang Chi, are about to join the cinematographic world of Marvel.

If the rumors are true, Spider-Man and Tom Holland (the best Spider-Man in the cinema) are already in negotiations with Marvel for 6 more films within the MCUBut with theaters stopped and footage on hold, it is likely to be months, or years, before we can see Spider-Man back.

The good news is that the movies that have already been released from Spider-Man They are full of secret and subtle details that can keep you entertained until more details of all the films that the studio is preparing come, and the connections that they may have with the rest of the stories that have already been confirmed for the new phase that is going to officially start with the premiere of Black Widow and the series that will premiere exclusively on Disney +.

Peter’s date of birth is a tribute to the comics

© Han Myung-Gu
Tom Holland rutina the fitness

In Far From Home, There is a moment when you can see the data in Peter Parker’s passport, there he says that his birthday is August 10, that is the same date of the appearance of the first comic of Spider-Man. Spidey first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15, which was released on August 10, 1962.

On the other hand, Peter’s school uniforms bear the number 1962 as a reference to the year the school was founded, which is also a reference to the year Spider-Man came to the comics.

There is a connection between JARVIS and Karen

In JARVIS movies, Tony Stark’s virtual assistant has the voice of Paul Bettanywhile Karen is actually the actress Jennifer Connelly, who is married to Bettany.

The accidental poster

Spider-Man Homecoming de Marvel

© IMDb
Spider-Man Homecoming de Marvel

The poster of Homecoming shows to Spider-Man relaxing with the school bag on and listening to some music. That poster was not planned, what happened was that Tom Holland He fell asleep between takes, his photo was taken and the studio liked it so much that they decided to use it to promote the film. Holland didn’t find out about the photo or how it was used until she saw the finished poster.

There is a connection with Miles Morales

Miles is the Spider-Man de Into the Spider Verse, and his world is connected to Peter Parker’s in the MCU. In HomecomingDonald Glover can be seen making a small cameo as Aaron Davis, who is known as Prowler, Miles Morales’ uncle. Additionally, Glover was voiced by Miles in the Ultimate Spider-Man series.

Crusher Hogan is in the movie?

Crusher Hogan is a fighter who appears in the Spider-Man comics, and there is a reference to the character at one point in Far From Home in which you can see a poster announcing a fight in which the fighter participates to raise funds for a charity. On the other hand, fans believe that Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) is actually a tribute to the character.

Some historical characters in comics have little cameos

Characters like Abraham Erskine (from Captain America) and Howard Stark They can be seen on a mural in Peter’s school that honors the world’s brilliant minds. Also, Jim Morita, Captain America’s war partner, appears in a photograph in which the school principal shows his grandfather. Bruce Banner can also be seen on a poster featuring great science characters such as Tesla and Einstein.

The hotel with the famous name

During Far From Home, Peter and his classmates stay at a small hotel called Hotel DeMatteis, this is a reference to JM DeMatteis, who was a writer for the Spider-Man comics in the 1980s.

The same character, a decade later

Spider-Man MCU personajes

© Marvel
Spider-Man MCU personajes

Professor Harrington of Homecoming It is played by Martin Starr, who a decade earlier played a minor character in The Incredible Hulk. According to Reddit theory, these are actually the same character and Kevin Feige confirmed that that nothing major nerd grew up and became one of Peter’s school teachers.

The tribute to Uncle Ben

In HomecomingPeter has a Mets poster taped to the wall. This is not a coincidence, in the comics it is mentioned several times that Peter is a fan of the team and it all started because his uncle Ben used to take him to the stadium to watch them play when he was a child.


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