4 keys you should know to choose the perfect baby car seat

4 keys you should know to choose the perfect baby car seat


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At the time of choosing baby car seat several factors must be taken to have the perfect one and take care of the little one on board the car. Therefore, here you will know the 4 keys that you should not ignore.

The arrival of a baby to a family becomes a source of joy for parents and the safety of the little ones is sought at all times. One of the most important places is the car, So having a chair or baby chair, in addition to keeping the baby in place, highlights the reduction of injuries in the event of an accident.

There is a wide variety of these chairs, however, not all are the same. Therefore discover the car seats for baby that best suits your needs.

Enter and discover everything about the Baby seat in the car.

1. Weight, height and age

It is important to take care of these points when buying a chair, as they will determine the degree of safety inside the car.

2. Where to buy the chair

Another point is to know where to buy the chair, and you should consider these important points: identify that the sellers are well informed and solve all your doubts, that you will receive help in the installation of the chair and know if there is flexibility in the return.

Know the correct way to wear a seat belt

how to choose a baby car seat

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how to choose a baby car seat

3. Installation

First, it should be known that not all chairs can be installed in all seats, since a bad installation can be dangerous. The main tips when using them are: always use seats in good condition, do not use very old child seats, always use a homologated seat and suitable for the weight and height of your child and above all, firmly hold the car seat. Meet the 7 cars with the most modern and advanced technology in 2020.

4. Easy to use

If you have the perfect chair, you must have these supports. It should be easily installed and fixed to the car. The chair should allow the child to sit easily and so that the harness or seat belt It fits the child’s body without slack. During the trip it must be comfortable. Remember that the most expensive seat is not always the best, so you must analyze each point to have a safe chair.

Chair categories for a proper choice

– Group 0: From 0 to 10 kg —approximately up to 9 months.

– Group 0+: From 0 to 13 kg —approximately up to 18 months.

– Group 1: 9 to 18 kg – approximately 9 months to 4 years.

– Group 2: 15 to 25 kg – approximately 3 to 6 years.

– Group 3: From 22 to 36 kg – approximately 6 to 12 years old.

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