4 out of ten mini-companies one step away from the crash

 Work, one million in poverty. And the dl August freezes the market


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A post-war scenario. Without even the hope of replicating an effervescent post-war period like the Italian one of the 1950s and 1960s. The second quarter GDP data released by Istat on Friday certified how much Italy lost in the months of the lockdown and even after. The resilience of the economy (and that of the public finances) is entrusted to the hope that the third quarter, therefore July / September, will mark a plus 15%, an objective explicitly indicated by the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri.

Provided the country’s productive fabric holds up. Yesterday the artisans of Cgia di Mestre calculated that four out of 10 micro enterprises, “which in absolute terms we estimate in just under 1.7 million activities, are at risk of closure due to the economic crisis caused by the health emergency that exploded in recent months. “. The CGIA explained that it had conducted a survey on a representative sample of Italian companies of different sizes from which it emerged that micro-companies are the ones that are experiencing the greatest difficulties.

“We refer – begins the coordinator of the Studies Office, Paolo Zabeo – to that middle productive class made up of service companies, shopkeepers, artisan shops and VAT numbers with less than 10 employees who have not recovered since the lockdown and, now , have expressed their intention to definitively close the shutter “. These are bars, restaurants, accommodation businesses, small businesses, the culture and entertainment sector.

Small manufacturers of furniture, paper and printing, textiles, clothing and footwear are at risk. The crisis of recent months is likely to be deeper than a mere lack of liquidity. “A situation considered irreversible that is causing many small entrepreneurs to definitively throw in the towel”.

The Covid crisis is grafted into an unfavorable cycle for crafts. La Cgia recalls that between 2009 and 2019 “the overall stock of the artisan companies in Italy fell by almost 180 thousand units. About 60 percent of the contraction related to activities related to the home sector: construction workers, tinsmiths, installers, painters, electricians, plumbers have lived through difficult years and many have been forced to go out of business. ”

Other activities were imposed, in particular those “related to the world of design, the web, communication”. But the lockdown and coronavirus crisis risks hitting emerging sectors as well. Therefore, badly the small and the micro enterprises, and more generally the manufacturing and the exports that are the cornerstones of our economy.

A “post-war scenario” for Giorgio Mulè, deputy of Forza Italia and spokesman for the blue groups of the House and Senate.

“The government is letting small service companies, bars, restaurants, craft shops and VAT numbers die with fewer than ten workers who have never recovered since the lockdown and, without a strong and immediate intervention – real long-term and long-term contributions extension of tax deadlines – they risk closing definitively “, is the denunciation of the president of the senators of Forza Italia, Anna Maria Bernini.

“Will we find something in the August decree or will these realities be left in agony by inducing small entrepreneurs to throw in the towel?” Forza Italia deputy Daniela Ruffino wonders.


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