5 mistakes you make when applying mascara

5 mistakes you make when applying mascara


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If you feel that your eyes are drooping, or your mascara runs very quickly, it is because you are making a mistake when applying it. Check out these mistakes you are probably making.

I’ve always said that applying mascara to your eyelashes makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and gives you an air of freshness. A little no, when you go to the bathroom in the club and you see your eyes you say OMG what happened to my eyes, it seems that you have dark circles. One of two, or the mascara you bring runs because it is water-based or because you are making some mistakes when applying your favorite mascara.

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Here we tell you what mistakes you are possibly making.

5 mistakes you make when applying mascara


© Photo Woman of 10: Real guide for today’s woman. Find out now.

  1. Covers

If you want your lashes to look very intense, it is not bad to apply several layers, but you should let it dry every time you apply one. It is a very common mistake that we all make when we do not have time and we want to have beautiful eyelashes, but we make the opposite.

2. Dry

When you want to do your makeup again in the afternoon, you have to remove your eyes and not put on mascara again, because all you do is make lumps appear.

3. Curling iron

Do not curl your eyelashes when you already have mascara on, the only thing you are going to cause is that they break. In addition, the result is not perfect, because your eyelashes stick very ugly.

4. Waterproof

It is fine to use oil-based mascara if you want them not to come off, but it is also very common for them to dry out. When you don’t have an important event, you can opt for a water-based one.

5. Brush

The brush is very important so that your eyelashes are with the finish you want and if you are using one that is very thin or has a curve that makes them look like spiders, it is not the one. Here we have the different brushes that can work for you.

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