50 dead and 2,750 injured after explosions in Beirut

Stopped cruise ships are at risk of rusting

At least 50 dead and 2,750 injured is the balance, so far, of the two violet explosions in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, reported Health Minister Hamad Hassan, who described the outbreaks as “a catastrophe in every way.”

“It is a catastrophe in every way. The hospitals in the capital are all full of wounded. ”

Hamad Hassan, Lebanese Minister of Health

This balance is provisional, according to the ministry spokesman Reda Moussaoui. Shortly before, the Minister of Health had reported that hospitals in the capital are saturated by the influx of wounded, so he asked that they be transferred to hospital centers on the outskirts of the capital after the outbursts in Beirut.

Explosive causes investigated

Prior to the statements of the Minister of Health, the director general of the General Security, Abas, Ibrahim, had said that explosions in Beirut could be due to “Highly explosive materials confiscated for years”, although he added that the investigation will determine the “Exact nature of the incident”.

However, those responsible for the explosion in Beirut must be held to accountsaid Prime Minister Hasan Diab for his part.

Videos of explosions spread in Beirut

Videos broadcast on social media showed a first explosion followed by another that caused a gigantic plume of smoke. The deflagrations shook neighboring buildings and caused glass to break several kilometers around.

He President Michel Aoun called a “Urgent meeting” of the Higher Defense Council and the prime minister decreed a day of national mourning for this Wednesday.

Local media broadcast images of people trapped in the rubble, some covered in blood as a result of the explosions in Beirut.

A ship moored in the Beirut port was on fire, AFP journalists said. An officer asked journalists to stay away from the sector, fearing an explosion of fuel from the ship.

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