500,000 cubic meters of glacial ice threaten to fall

500,000 cubic meters of glacial ice threaten to fall

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A large part of a glacier is threatening to collapse on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Around 70 people were brought to safety in Val Ferret at the end of the Aosta Valley. As experts explained, around 500,000 cubic meters of ice could fall into the valley. The ice had started to move due to the large temperature differences of the past few days. Guests who had to leave their hotel were not built. An Italian tourist says: “We are completely surprised. I also think of the hotel employees. After the corona virus, they don’t need any further problems.” Another says: “Having to go back to Milan in this nice weather is not exactly great.” This section of the glacier had already raised the alarm in September of last year – at the time, however, only 250,000 cubic meters threatened to break off.


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