A restaurant’s response to an influencer who wanted to eat for free goes around the world

A restaurant's response to an influencer who wanted to eat for free goes around the world

There are influencers who try to take advantage of their popularity on social networks to enjoy free services. In fact, it is not uncommon for hotels and, above all, restaurants, to find offers to go enjoy a good lunch or dinner for free in exchange for advertising on Instagram.

This is what happened to a restaurant in the greek island of Cos. A Reddit user shared the message this week that this establishment, whose owners are relatives of yours, received from an influencer.

In the screenshot he has posted you can read: “I have met your restaurant through a friend of mine who told me that you serve great Greek dishes and you have vegan options. I would love to go there with my friend, in exchange for tagging you on social media. ”

The famous one adds: “I have visited Greece quite a few times and one of the things that I find most difficult to find are places with vegetarian and vegan options. I would love to discuss this with my followers. I will be in Cos from July 18 to 21 ”.

The response the restaurant gave is pure fantasy. Unbeatable.So much so that it has already appeared in media around the world. “We love that you have chosen us as a restaurant, and we are sure that we will make your dinner a memorable experience,” begin the owners.

“In recent years we have a social responsibility policy with Instagram ‘influencers’ and foodies: for every menu we sell to an ‘influencer’ who labels us on Instagram, we will give a menu valued for the same amount and free to someone in need (homeless people, refugees, etc.). In this way we gain notoriety with our publications and you improve your brand image by giving something back to the community. We always post about the ‘influencers’ who sign up for the initiative, and we usually get hundreds of positive responses. Please let us know what you think ”, they added.

The curious thing, as the family of the owners of the premises has assured, is that “nobody has accepted to come under this condition. Never”.

“Dear ‘influencers’, all you are doing is looking like idiots trying to create a cosmopolitan lifestyle by begging out there,” ditch.


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