A second A330 in-flight refueller for the European MMF fleet based in the Netherlands

A second A330 in-flight refueller for the European MMF fleet based in the Netherlands

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A multinational fleet of European in-flight refueling and transport aircraft, the “MRTT Multinational Fleet” (MMF), took possession on Monday of its second aircraft, an Airbus A330 MRTT (for (“Multi Role Tanker Transport”), announced a specialized agency of NATO.

This aircraft arrived at its home base, Eindhoven airfield (southern Netherlands), from the Airbus Defense & Space (ASD, the military subsidiary of the European group) plant in Getafe, on the outskirts of Madrid, where these devices come out after modification.

It is from Eindhoven that the bulk of the multinational fleet of eight aircraft, the “MRTT Multinational Fleet”, will ultimately operate. The MMF brings together the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Belgium – which signed an agreement in February 2018 granting it a thousand flight hours per year, the equivalent of an A330 MRTT for an amount of 258 million euros – and the Czech Republic.

These planes are designed to perform in-flight refueling, passenger and / or cargo transport and medical evacuation missions (or Medevac in military jargon).

The A330 MRTTs are acquired by the Nato Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) based in Luxembourg. They belong to NATO and will be registered in the Netherlands, NSPA recalled in a statement.

The first aircraft was delivered on June 30 and began its qualification flights. The third and fourth planes are being modified at the Airbus DS plant in Getafe. The last MRTT is due to be delivered by the end of 2024, but an option exists to expand the contract to three additional aircraft, which could be funded by Spain.


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