“A tightening of repressive measures” is studied


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The decision of government for returning the wearing a mask is compulsory in all closed public spaces has made the Quebec population react strongly. Several events in some towns of Québec gathered thousands of people came to demonstrate against this new rule. However, despite the fact that the mask has been compulsory, for almost a month now, no fine was given to citizens who participated in these numerous manifestations.

The Quebec government is still reluctant to impose contraventions to citizens who come together to publicly challenge health instructions, even if a statement of offense can already be given when the two-meter distance is not respected at all times.

In press conference held on Monday, July 27, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, affirms that she is considering implementing means of reprimanding citizens who disobey this regulation.

The whole thing is always in order to dissuade the recalcitrant from adopting this kind of behavior which puts them at risk, in addition to the other people whom they meet, directly or indirectly.

The Quebec government is therefore seeking a balance between the repression of delinquent behavior and the right to demonstrate.

This balance has unfortunately still not been found, indicated Genevieve Guilbault.

She asserted, still in press conference, that people have the right to express themselves and to demonstrate, but does not rule out the idea of ​​adopting “repressive measures”, to dissuade individuals “who would be tempted to break the rules”.

Even if the conference was on a completely different subject, the Deputy Prime Minister reacted to the demonstration against the obligation to wear the mask that took place on Saturday July 25 in Montreal.

Other such events have been organized in recent weeks and the wearing of face coverings remains a subject that sows controversy in Quebec.

Remember that the face covering must be worn in all closed public places in Quebec by all individuals aged 12 and over, and 10 years and over as of August 24, 2020.

We are talking about spaces such as public transport, shops, restaurants or bars, municipal or government places, places of worship, common areas (such as elevators), theaters, educational establishments and shopping centers.

Geneviève Guilbault still maintains that the wearing a mask will be there “until the development of a vaccine ».

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