“After a year I used curlers to simulate long hair”


Nene trans

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Nene trans

Last Thursday, at the office of the Provincial Registry of the people of Azul, Province of Buenos Aires, a 5-year-old trans girl, along with her family, were able to obtain the annulment of her birth certificate and replace it with a new one, reflecting its name and self-perceived gender.

Flor’s journey began when she was a year and a half old and her departure said she was a boy. His mom began to notice how his son she used t-shirts as a dress and asked her for shakers to simulate having long hair.

“At the time, it was funny because we thought he was playing and we didn’t realize what she wanted to tell us“Mariana, the mother, told the TN news channel.

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The second message he sent came directly from his words: He said it was a girl. But the parents objected, they told him no, that it was a boy. She was angry and sick.

Both Mariana and Lucas -the father- began to visit different specialists and in a first professional consultation with the pediatrician, the doctor said that perhaps he was imitating a female figure that he admired. That they did not give importance.

Then a visit came with a psychologist, who gave them a blunt answer: He recommended that they suppress their daughter’s feelings and hide her mother’s clothes, shoes and makeup.

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The parents then had to tell him that cosmetics were dangerous to his health, they were hiding them. And meanwhile, they encouraged her to play with ‘baby stuff’. Nothing changed that feeling that more and more asked to leave.

The family says that her pilgrimage with doctors and psychiatrists led them to the doctor who is currently treating her. It was she who after several sessions put words to what was happening: “She’s a trans girl.”

From there, the parents gave him more freedom: “One day he told us that her name was Florence and he made it known to everyone. On one occasion He asked the paternal grandfather on the phone and said ‘from now on, my name is Flor’ ”, said Mariana.

After receiving advice from the Gender Area of ​​the Province of Buenos Aires and with a lawyer, they made the document void and they were given a new birth certificate. The role also served as a new birth, that of Flor.



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