Alba Carrillo and Fonsi Nieto celebrate the First Communion of their son Lucas

Alba Carrillo and Fonsi Nieto celebrate the First Communion of their son Lucas

After a totally atypical spring and marked by the confinement of the coronavirus health crisis, the son of Alba Carrillo and Fonsi Nieto celebrated his first communion in the middle of August. The collaborator, very proud, made her followers participate in this endearing day in which the little one has worn a white outfit made up of shorts and a jacket. [lista_enlaces] [/lista_enlaces] A ceremony that has also been marked by regulatory measures. Alba wore a matching pink outfit with her mask and was seen sitting on a bench in the church where strict distance compliance has been met. An important event for your little one to which she has invited some of her fellow program members. such as Isabel Rábago and Miguel Ángel Nicolás and that has been held in Ávila, his mother’s land and the one that has become his best refuge whenever he tries to disconnect. This celebration coincides with Alba’s recent 34th birthday that took place last Friday. On the occasion of her anniversary, her companions from ‘Ya es mediodía’ surprised her with a tender surprise that has also served as a gift for Lucas’s communion. An adorable puppy named ‘Fresh’ and you will surely have delighted your child. The little one will soon have a new playmate since his little brother will soon be born, a boy named Hugo, as recently confirmed by Fonsi Nieto and Marta Castro. «We are all very happy. My son is super happy to be an older brother, he has already given him a name and everything! ”Commented Alba excited after hearing the news. A breath of fresh air for the pilot who lost his grandmother and father in full confinement. “It is a gift that the grandfather sends,” said Alba.

A very special 34th birthday

Feliciano López’s ex-wife enjoyed a birthday celebration surrounded by some of her colleagues on television, including Isabel Rábago and Miguel Ángel Nicolás. Of course, his partner, Santi Burgoa, was not lacking. The party took place on Friday night in the town of El Barco de Ávila. A delicious cake, dances, good music … the night had all the ingredients to make it a real success. A day later, his son Lucas received First Communion in the middle of August under suffocating temperatures. As a detail, the little one thanked the guests for their presence with a handwritten letter: “Thank you for coming to my Communion.” [lista_enlaces] [/lista_enlaces]


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