Alberta takes an interest in small nuclear reactors

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EDMONTON – The Government of Alberta has announced plans to join three other provinces in exploring small-scale nuclear technology.

New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Ontario signed a memorandum of understanding in December regarding the development of small modular reactors.

Alberta said in a press release that it will also enter into a deal to help diversify its energy sector.

All four provinces are opposed to the federal carbon tax which aims to put a price on pollution.

Alberta says small modular reactors could provide low-cost, zero-emissions power to remote areas of the province as well as industries that need steam like the oil sands.

The province says the units are smaller than traditional nuclear reactors with lower initial capital costs and improved safety features.

“We are building on our track record of responsible and innovative power generation by exploring the potential of small modular reactors, which have the potential to generate reliable and affordable energy, while strengthening our traditional resource sectors and reducing emissions,” Premier Jason Kenney said in a written message delivered Friday.

“We are delighted to be working with our provincial partners to stay ahead of the curve in the development of this promising technology,” he added.

The Canadian Press

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