alert for outbreaks in France

alert for outbreaks in France


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Concerns have risen in France, where yesterday for the third day in a row the cases of Coronavirus they continued to rise, reaching over 1,300 positive subjects. Taking into consideration the period of time between 20 and 26 July, French health care speaks of a 54% increase. Data that return to shake.

Together with Spain, where 1525 cases of infection have occurred in the last few hours, the France therefore it has to deal with growing numbers, very different from those reported a few weeks ago. According to experts, everything was due to the many shifts that have occurred in the last summer period. Another fact to consider, the fact that young people (between 20 and 30 years of age) are particularly positive and that many of the new infected are asymptomatic (we talk about 51%).

According to reports from “The Guardian”, 15 outbreaks have already been identified. “We have the impression that the more we do tests, the more we find positive cases”, as stated by the French national health agency. Given the situation, local authorities have decided to take more precautions, and for this reason, rest areas were set up yesterday morning on the A41 motorway, towards Chambéry. All those who found themselves passing through the street were stopped and provided with sanitizing gel and masks, this because Chambéry, like the Ile de France and the Grand-Est, is one of the areas most kept under control due to the rising of the infections.

Not only. According to “Repubblica”, the French government has already introduced more targeted restrictive measures, such as the obligation to wear the mask indoors. In Mayenne (Loire), on the other hand, it is necessary to keep the personal protective equipment even outdoors, given the high number of positives found in the last few hours.

The fact that most people do not experience symptoms is what physicians are most concerned about. “Before we didn’t see the asymptomatics, now we go and look for them actively,” explained to Vittoria “Dr. Vittoria Colizza”, head of the EPIcx laboratory of the Inserm (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale) in Paris. ” Some clusters, such as a Mayenne, cause concern because they are communitarian and this means that we cannot exactly go up the chain of infections and that epidemic activity is higher. The data tell us that the use of hygiene measures such as washing hands, coughing in the elbow, using the gel has remained constant, what has decreased significantly is to avoid kisses and hugs, for example “, he specified. It is early, however , to talk about the second wave: “Today we do the test and tracing, we have different tools and awareness and more chance to avoid the situation in February”, concluded Dr. Colizza.


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