an actor in the saga reveals his “long love affair with drugs”

an actor in the saga reveals his

Harry Potter: an actor of the saga reveals his "long love affair with drugs"

Harry Potter: an actor in the saga reveals his “long love affair with drugs”

In a truthful interview with a British newspaper, one of the actors in the Harry Potter saga reconsidered his “decades-long” addiction to drugs.

Lately, the news around former residents of Hogwarts or Gryffindor has been rather cheerful. Whether it be the recent paternity of Rupert Grint or the couple formed by Emma Watson with her new companion, the news was good for the actors revealed by the saga Harry Potter. British actress Jessie Cave, who played Ron Weasley’s girlfriend Lavender Brown, even announced she was expecting her third child at 33. But the saga initiated by JK Rowling has also known its share of dramas, between the death of the late Alan Rickman, the cancer that Julie Walters is still fighting against or the tragic accident that upset the team on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Recently, JK Rowling has been in the eye of the storm after comments deemed transphobic.



The dark side of magic

Faced with a celebrity as sudden and as massive as that caused by this kind of franchising, not always easy to cope. And the temptations are great to forget the pressure. So, Daniel Radcliffe said he took refuge in alcohol : “I felt spied on when I went to a bar, to a pub. The fastest way to forget that attention was to drink a lot. And when people looked at me because I was drunk, I drank. even more to forget that they were looking at me. ” More the interpreter of Harry Potter is not the only actor in the saga to have known a difficult period. In an interview with the British newspaper The Big Issue, Jason Isaacs exposed his old drug habits, a use that began long before he played Lucius Malfoy in the franchise: “I have always had an addictive personality and by the age of 16 I had already gone through alcohol and started a long, decades-long love affair with drugs.”

A bygone era

Now sober, the 57-year-old actor, who we recently saw in series The O.A., explained that he experienced his first cooking at the age of 12. He then dived into drugs, without specifying which one he used to use, in order to get away from any reality: “Every action was filtered by a burning need to be the person as far away as possible from a conscious and thoughtful person (…) Drugs were not a way to deal with this feeling of distance, they caused it.” Fortunately, those dark years are now behind the British actor, now the father of two teenage girls aged 15 and 18: “I love, I feel, I connect, I pay attention (…) I think the boy that I was at 16 would be surprised if I was well. That I try to look for simple happiness in things simple. Not always, not perfectly, but enough … “

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