Another bad decision from Keanu Reeves

Another bad decision from Keanu Reeves


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If even Nicolas Cage lowered his thumb when it was offered to him, why did Keanu Reeves star in and even produce Siberia?

Keanu, which in Hawaiian means cool breeze over the mountains, was born in the very Beirut that was devastated these days, and had a very recent rebirth in his career. After the third of Matrix (Revolutions, in 2003) practically altered one good and two -or three, or four- bad films per year. And that came to average four shootings per year, between TV movies and independent productions or not for Hollywood.

The saga of John Wick, and lend his voice to Duke Kaboom in Toy Story 4 they brought it back to the fore.

nullHe has a movie to premiere (Billy & Ted Face the Music), is filming Matrix 4, has three movies to shoot –John Wick 4 and 5, which will be done in continuous, more Rally Car, precisely as a rally driver, who would shoot in China – and sounds like the protagonist of some of the spin-offs of Star Wars, be it film or series, in cinema, TV or streaming, well, that’s what good old Keanu was in when he decided to headline Siberia, which premiered in July 2018 in the United States and Spain, but which in other important markets such as Germany was directly released on DVD. In Argentina, nobody was interested in releasing it commercially in theaters, nor in the home digital market.

And if we sometimes wonder why some of Tom Hanks is not released -like A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, for which he was a candidate for the Oscar as a supporting actor – this time we almost shake hands with those who did not bet on Keanu’s film.

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Why Siberia Not only does it not add anything, either as entertainment or to Keanu’s career, but it is unnecessarily boring.

Keanu is Lucas Hill, an illegal jewelry seller, who finds himself in a difficult situation. He has to deliver in Saint Petersburg (although it was filmed in Canada) a sample of diamonds to Boris Volkov, one of those Russian gangsters always accompanied by bodyguards, but his Russian contact does not appear. And neither does the diamond that is the sample, the advance of the 50 that he promised to get Boris (Pasha -or Pavel- Lychnikoff, from the series Insomnia) in exchange for fifty million dollars.

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Worried that if he doesn’t get the diamonds he might never see his wife Gabby (Molly Ringwald) in the United States again, Lucas goes to Mirny, Siberia, where he assumes Pyotr, his contact, is. He goes into a bar. Defend the bartender / wench / owner of the place from a pair of drunks who threaten to show him their penis. And ends up whipped on the snowy street.

Yes, it is she, Katya (the Romanian Ana Ularu) who takes him to her house and with whom Lucas / Keanu ends up deeply in love. The one who, before cheating on his wife tells himself (and says it aloud so that even the spectator who went to the kitchen to pour himself a coffee to stay awake will hear him) that he is a bad man.

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So far we come. Keanu often makes a mark of his use of indifference, of the taciturn and his few words on stage. Here he complies with the rule, but the passion he feels for Katja, for example, does not reach this side of the screen.

And the presence of Molly Ringwald, who for millennials is Mary Andrews in Riverdale, and for those who passed 40-something it was the star of The club of five and The girl in pinkShe is tiny and even unrecognizable as Lucas’s wife.

Anyway, these movies make Keanu want to send him to Siberia.



Thriller. EE.UU./Canadá, 2018. 104’, SAM 16. De: Matthew Ross. Con: Keanu Reeves, Molly Ringwald, Ana Ularu. Disponible en: Netflix.


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