Arnaud Soly takes a break from social media and explains why

Arnaud Soly takes a break from social media and explains why

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Since the start of the pandemic, the young comedian has charmed more than one with his few humorous videos, his many characters and his videos in live on Instagram. Following the receipt of numerous hate messages, Arnaud Soly takes a break from social media to “reconnect with reality.” “

It is this Monday August 3 that Arnaud has posted a message on his Instagram account and his Facebook page concerning the last few weeks, which have seemed more difficult:

“On a larger scale, social networks have also been the place for necessary and courageous speeches – one need only think of the anti-racist movements and the most recent wave of denunciations. “

“Except that I also feel that social networks are spaces that fuel hatred to the detriment of listening,” he continues.

It is moreover following one of his last capsules, the one concerning the wearing of the mask, that he received many negative messages:

Ma humorous video about wearing a mask generated thousands of violent comments, which I believe is a testament to some collective suffering. “

Arnaud Soly had also shown some of these messages in story Instagram, before deleting them, so as not to incite hatred.

He seems to be saying that these words have hurt him on several occasions:

“Plus, my addiction to social media means I spend hours absorbed in snappy comments, and it undermines my morale. “

He therefore made the decision to withdraw for a while:

“So I’m going to remove social media from my phone for the rest of August to free my mind. “

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