Association responsible for the Golden Globe is sued for monopoly

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The select association of journalists that awards Golden Globe was accused on Monday, 3, of sabotaging the work of professionals who are not members, while enjoying luxurious benefits and unprecedented access to the stars of Hollywood.

An antimonopoly lawsuit filed against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) claims that the group illegally monopolizes information about entertainment in Los Angeles, while creating a barrier that is almost impossible to overcome for the acceptance of new members.

“Throughout the year, HFPA members enjoy all-expenses paid trips to film festivals around the world, where they are treated with luxury and all their wishes fulfilled by the studios”, accuses the case presented by the Norwegian journalist Kjersti Flaa.

“Qualified applicants for admission to HFPA are almost always refused, because the majority of the 87 members are not willing to share or dilute the enormous economic benefits they receive,” he added.

Sought by AFP, HFPA, which claims to have made attempts in recent years to attract younger members, countered the accusations, which it considers reflections of “repeated attempts to harm” the organization.

HFPA has considerable influence in the world of cinema thanks to Golden Globe, one of the most important awards in Hollywood and that opens the way to Oscar glory.

However, the process of becoming a member of HFPA, which entitles you to vote at the awards, is fraught with mystery.

Although some of its members work for respected foreign media outlets, many are independent and write in unknown publications.

The lawsuit details cases of members who were awarded by Hollywood studios, including a Disney press trip to a five-star hotel in Singapore last year.

“Of course, studios are bothered by having to spend huge sums of money to satisfy the desires of a few dozen elderly journalists who are regularly caught snoring during screenings, but given the importance of Golden Globe, see no way to put an end to this farce “, concluded the process.

Flaa applied for admission to the HFPA in 2018 and last year, but was rejected on both occasions.

In the process, she accuses rival Scandinavian journalists of having blocked her entry, despite being able to integrate HFPA according to the association’s criteria.

Any foreign journalist who wishes to join must be supported by two members, but the application can be rejected if only one member vetoes the name.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association “rejected the blackmail and stated to Mrs. Flaa that acceptance as a member is not obtained by intimidation,” said the HFPA.

The award ceremony of the Golden Globe 2021 was postponed to February 28 due to the covid-19 pandemic.


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