Atleti communicates two positives for coronavirus in its squad

Atleti communicates two positives for coronavirus in its squad



On Thursday they play against Leipzig and, in case these two positives are ratified, the match could be at risk of suspension; just as it happened with Deportivo-Fuenlabrada. Tomorrow there will be more information about it.

Yesterday, Saturday 8 August, all members of the first team and the club’s expedition to Lisbon underwent PCR tests at the Ciudad Deportiva de Majadahonda as required by UEFA protocol to participate in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Among the results known today, two positives have appeared, which are isolated in their respective homes, and which were immediately communicated to the Spanish and Portuguese health authorities, UEFA, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Portuguese Federation and the Higher Sports Council. Likewise, the corresponding action protocol foreseen for these cases has been activated, which requires new PCR tests to be carried out on the first team and members of the expedition to Lisbon and the closest contacts of the positive cases, and which motivates changes in the hours of trainings, in the structure and development of travel and accommodation in the Portuguese capital. The club will coordinate the new schedules with UEFA and as soon as there is a new plan it will be made public. He also requests the utmost respect for the identity of the two positive cases.

At the end of LaLiga, Atlético de Madrid requested that the Spanish teams that continue to compete in Europe continue voluntarily and with the help of LaLiga, complying with the same rules of the prevention protocol against Covid that had been developed during the return to competition. Although UEFA only requires a negative PCR test from each member of the expedition to Lisbon 72 hours before the scheduled trip for Monday, August 10, the club has complied with the protocol established in its day by the Higher Sports Council and LaLiga, maintaining the weekly tests carried out on the return to league competition under the control of the same LaLiga inspector who supervised compliance with said protocol during the 11 league games.

The first team and all the personnel who work and are in contact with it, a total of 93 people, underwent a PCR test and a serological test the day before returning to training, on Sunday 26 July, and the first The session, scheduled individually for that Sunday, was postponed as a precaution to Monday 27 in the afternoon until it was known that one hundred percent of the tests had yielded a negative result.

After the first week of training, again the first team and the rest of the club members who work around it underwent new PCR tests on Sunday, August 2, with a new negative result in all cases, resuming training on Monday afternoon after knowing the results of the tests.


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