Berlin, march of the “no-masks” “Robbed of our freedom”

Berlin, march of the


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Thousands of people demonstrated today in Berlin against the measures imposed by the German government to avoid the resumption of infections by Coronavirus. Defined by most of the press as “deniers”, the citizens participating in the procession marched through the streets to shout their dissent against measures considered now out of place, if not excessive.

“Corona, false alarm” and “We are forced to wear a muzzle”, are just some of the slogans written on the signs brought by protesters.

“We are here and we are noisy because we are being robbed of ours freedom! “is the motto repeated by the participants in the procession, determined to protest against the limitations that have yet to be respected.

According to reports from the German police, about 17 thousand people have decided to express their opinion during this day dissent along the streets of central Berlin.

Numerous realities took part in the protest, including no-vax, representatives of the far right and “conspiracy”. The demonstration named “The end of the pandemic – Freedom Day”, was also contested by opposing groups, who opposed the procession, singing “Nazis out!”.

To date Germany has an average of around 1000 infections per day. According to the demonstrators, however, there is no reason to continue with the restrictive measures, which is why they strongly oppose the future vaccine. “We are the second wave!” Shouted the protesters. “Natural defense instead of vaccination”, they asked loudly, as reported by “AbcNews”.

Not only the German government is targeted, but also the multinationals of the drug and the American millionaire entrepreneur Bill Gates, who worked so hard to find a Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

The crowd marched to the Brandenburg Gate before being blocked by the police, who repeatedly called the protesters with megaphones. To worry that in the course of the procession was not respected the distancing, and that most participants wore no masks. A protest that has been severely condemned on the web. Saskia Esken, of the German Social Democratic Party allied with the Merkel government, would have nicknamed the participants “Covidiots”.

The German police, however, has made it known that they have denounced the organizer of the meeting, guilty of not respecting the hygiene rules.

Currently in Germany the restrictive measures have been relaxed, but the obligation to distance them, as well as to wear the mask in shops or on public transport, remains.


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