Best wishes and 100 of these days (rebels) Meghan Markle, the Duchess without compromise and without measures

Best wishes and 100 of these days (rebels) Meghan Markle, the Duchess without compromise and without measures

Meghan Markle turns four on August 4, 2020. At 39, Meghan knows what she's doing, changed a lot of things and transformed her and Prince Harry's lives.

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Meghan Markle turns four on August 4, 2020. At 39, Meghan knows what she’s doing, changed a lot of things and transformed her and Prince Harry’s lives.

Three years have passed since Meghan Markle entered our radar after a flash engagement and hyper romantic with Prince Harry. And that of his 39 years is the third birthday in the name of courage that Meghan di Sussex celebrate in the spotlight. But instead of taking stock of what has changed since Royal Wedding with Prince Harry, let’s first say what has remained the same in this woman who has literally overturned the rules of a granite family, that of the Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan took what she wanted. What’s wrong with that?

Courage, desire for freedom, to move away from labels and chalky environments. Even the urge to wear what you want, which she certainly never shelved in the years when she was a senior royal like Kate Middleton. The Meghan Markle’s birthday, in the year of Sussexit, is the celebration of a woman who knows what she wants. Maybe he took it in a little brusque ways – in this too the husband Prince Harry he played a part because the family is his – and a little more diplomacy would help keep family relationships more stable. Should it go like this? If this is the result, it is likely. Meghan Markle and Harry today they are a united couple ready to relaunch their career.

Yes, because it is not news that Meghan Markle she didn’t just want to be a Duchess. Just as Harry, according to reports from those who know him well, has always hated arriving after his brother William and dad Carlo, not being able to have his say, not being able to follow important projects and see them recognized. Both wanted to make a career, to have a circle of important friends, to create a support network that was not only the public relations office of the Royal Palace. Which, according to the new book on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Finding Freedomin any case has never helped them, indeed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2020.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2020.

She wanted a family and with the arrival of the baby Archie Harrison, the son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, had it. And he also wanted to make a difference, embracing projects that Mama’s mom would have liked a lot William e Harry, Lady Diana. She suffered greatly from the attack by the British press and for this, together with her husband Harry who hated her before, she tried to fight her with the court cases with which she is making her voice heard.

And she also took the right to say what she really thinks of the big topical issues like the Black Lives Matter, so Meghan Markle has become one ambassador anti-razzista. Could he have been out of balance as he did by staying under the wing of the crown? Unlikely and this both she and Prince Harry knew. The pandemic got in the way by pausing their plans but in the meantime they are enjoying the family in Los Angeles, far from everyone.

The family, another thing Meghan Markle wanted and took. And what’s wrong with that? Maybe you will know its haters swear that Meghan Markle had a plan in mind when “Prince Harry introduced himself” (while in fact it was a mutual friend who made them meet), who wanted to become the new princess of the people (perhaps by beating the sister-in-law of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, in popularity), make famous friends, uproot the prince from his family. But even if he had a life plan, can you blame him?

And it is evident that if Harry e Meghan they are together and they do not seem at all disturbed by the rumors and unauthorized books about them, their life plan was a common path from the beginning. Good birthday Meghan Markle, we liked you at the beginning because you were without half measures and we still like you because you don’t accept compromises. Hundred of these rebellious days!

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