Brazil in the Champions League and heats it up for 2022

Brazil in the Champions League and heats it up for 2022


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After a long wait (but a lot!), The big day came: for the first time in history, Paris Saint-German will make a decision to Champions League. And the team’s main hope is none other than Neymar. But it’s not just the French who will cheer for the “City of Light” team. There’s a lot of Brazilian eye on what’s going to happen against Bayern Munich.

What we saw in the two previous phases of the tournament was an incredible mobilization around Neymar. Among hashtags on social networks, playing with his mohawk and his sound box, the star mobilized many people. And he played a lot of ball, both in the turn against Atalanta and in the undisputed victory against RB Leipzig. Unlike other occasions, Ney rescued a green and yellow pride long forgotten. Without winning a World Cup for so long in a period when the best players on the planet were always an Argentine and a Portuguese, it brings a little nostalgia for our stars from the recent past and a little hope for the future. It is the certainty that we still know how to produce big names for football.

Within the four lines, the number 10 shirt of the Brazilian team has always given the message. It was never a hiding place, apart from having one of the most successful curricula in world football. What was missing was more out-of-field focus and also more luck with injuries. Little (or almost nothing) was seen of Neymar in the most decisive stages for PSG in the Champions League until 2020. Now the story has been different, and finally Brazilians who love football have seen their greatest representative become one of the protagonists of the competition’s narrative. The longing for that was strong.

The role of the most expensive player in history is so significant that, even in a team full of Brazilians and in a decision whose opponent has Philippe Coutinho as shirt 10, the Brazilian expectation falls almost entirely on him. All the weight on the back he had in 2014 and in 2018 for Brazil has now become a springboard of support in this “mini World Cup” that became the post-break Champions.

Hope that in 2022, with that mentality – winning or losing this Sunday – Neymar be our leader in the quest for the sixth championship in Qatar. He has plenty of talent. Focus, now we see that you also have it when you want. Maybe luck doesn’t smile a little for him and for us? It depends much more on him than on anyone. For more #NeyDays going forward. Brazil is on.


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