Brazilians prefer action and adventure games, says research

Brazilians prefer action and adventure games, says research

An search Datafolha commissioned by Brasil Game Show (BGS) revealed that four out of ten Brazilians are in the habit of playing video games, with action and adventure being the favorite genre of 39% of respondents.

In order to carry out the study, 2,446 people from 145 municipalities in the country were heard during the first quarter of 2020. Most are in the Southeast (44%) and Northeast (28%), followed by South (13%), North (8% ) and Midwest (7%).

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Among respondents who consider themselves gamers, about 80% said that games are an option for entertainment, fun and pastime. In the same question, 22% said they play because they like it; 11% to rest and relax; 3% to exercise the mind and memory, and 2% to interact with friends and relatives.

Regarding the preferred styles, they lead the list: action and adventure (39%), sports (26%), strategy (23%) and running (21%), with most of the interviewees having the habit of playing two types of games. Another important data shown by the survey is the relevance of electronic sports, one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. About 40% of gamers said they follow esports, especially younger men, aged up to 24 years.

The BGS / Datafolha Survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2020 and the margin of error is two percentage points higher or lower.

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