Breaking news … New application in the fight against coronavirus: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir …

New action plan from the Ministry: Home treatment

Breaking news ... New application in the fight against coronavirus: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir ...

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Breaking news … New application in the fight against coronavirus: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir …

The Ministry of Health has launched a new practice on fillation to prevent the increase in coronavirus outbreaks in hospitals. In the big cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, the home treatment process will now come to the fore. Hydrochloroquine and favipiravir medicines will be started for those who have a positive test with contact at home instead of hospital.

The Ministry of Health chose the home treatment method so that the increase in virus numbers did not cause intensity in hospitals. The circular sent by the Ministry to all units attached to it included the following details:


“In the last stage of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a new period has been entered in which early detection, home isolation and home treatment processes come to the fore and precautions will be shaped according to these priorities. In this regard, excluding the cases where the disease progresses seriously, the samples of the people with whom they are in contact with the disease symptoms will be taken in their homes, the isolation processes will be followed in their homes, and their treatment will be carried out in their homes.


Arrangement of case or contact home sampling and treatments and delivery of medicines will be carried out by the filection teams assigned in our districts. The radiation teams will be made up of physicians, dentists, assistant health personnel (midwives, nurses, health officers, ATTs), medical technologists, dieticians, psychologists and other personnel in the district, if needed. Team members are responsible and authorized to carry out these operations regardless of their branch and staff. Starting drug treatment at home and process management of patients / contacts will be implemented as specified in the ‘radiation algorithm’ and all these procedures will be followed and directed under the responsibility of specialist physicians assigned to the radiation teams. HSYS records of the given drugs will be made by these specialist physicians.


In the districts without specialist physicians, District Health Directorate or TSM physicians are in charge of this issue. In addition, for those who do not accept treatment and other procedures, ‘Drugs Given to the Case / Contact during the Home Visit During the Pandemic Process, Case / Contact Treatment Rejection Report’ should be filled and kept in the District Health Directorate. In order for the radiation to be carried out in a healthy and effective manner, it should be made necessary to request support from the muhtars, teachers and imams in law enforcement units and villages / neighborhoods through the district governorships.


According to the circular, the radiation teams will separate the cases they go to over the age of 18 and under. Those who are under the age of 18 will not receive any treatment. This detail was stated in the Circular: “Positive treatment at home and symptomatic contacts will start drug treatment. Bilateral treatment will be initiated for patients who are positive and who are asymptomatic over the age of 18, only with any symptoms such as hydroxychloroquine, cough or muscle pain, but not complicated. Those who are over 18 years of age and who are not asymptomatic will not receive any medication, and those who have symptoms will be given bilateral treatment. Those who have positive or contact in both groups and have severe symptoms will be referred to the hospital for further treatment and examination. Again, in both groups, no treatment will be started for those under the age of 18. If they have symptoms, they will not start again. If it is thought to be heavy, it will be sent to the hospital. ”


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