Bruno Le Maire announces 30 billion for ecology in the recovery plan

Bruno Le Maire announces 30 billion for ecology in the recovery plan

Bruno the Mayor

Bruno the Mayor

The Minister of the Economy sketched this Sunday in the columns of the JDD the contours of the “green recovery”, which will be presented on August 24th.

In an interview with JDD published this sunday Bruno the Mayor promises, the “recovery will be green”. Of the 100 billion euros of the recovery plan to be presented on August 24, 30 billion will be devoted to the ecological transition, the Minister of Economy and Finance also announced.

“We will revive the economy through ecology”, promises Bruno Le Maire, who mentions three priority sectors: energy renovation, transport and energy.

Energy renovation of buildings

“The poor insulation of buildings is responsible for nearly a third of CO2 emissions and 40% of electricity consumption”, recalls the minister, who wants to increase the credits of MaPrimeRénov ‘, to help households to renovate their homes, while public buildings, schools, nursing homes, universities, etc. will also benefit from a major energy renovation program. “A national project of several billion euros, which will involve all the French”, indicates the boss of Bercy.

Cleaner transport

Regarding transport, the Minister of the Economy says he wants to support SNCF in the (re) development of small lines and rail freight, help communities to massively develop cycle transport, finally, “we will continue to support clean cars: we want the emphasis to be on electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids”, emphasizes Bruno Le Maire.

Confident that the French automobile industry “will succeed in the 21st century with mastery of the electric powertrain”, the Minister of the Economy prefers to speak of incentives and rewards rather than of constraints towards manufacturers, such as the premium for the purchase of an electric vehicle, and the deployment of 100,000 charging stations from 2021. “In return, Renault and PSA have undertaken to produce 450,000 electric vehicles in France in 2025”, welcomes the Minister, also insisting on the advance taken by Air France in terms of ecological transition, with the closure of certain domestic routes and the reduction of its CO emissions2.

As for greenhouse gas emissions, the government has set itself a path of 30% reduction in CO emissions.2 over 10 years for the industry, a target that is still out of reach. “To comply with it, we will help the most polluting industrial sites to reduce their emissions. We will provide a first list of these sites at the end of August,” promises Bruno Le Maire.

“Nuclear power retains all its relevance”

Asked about the end of nuclear power, the Minister of the Economy considers that this means of electricity production retained all its relevance in a “green” recovery plan: “Nuclear power allows us to have inexpensive energy, which does not emit CO2. To produce hydrogen, to decarbonize industrial sites, to run electric vehicles, we are going to need a lot of electricity “, points out the Minister, without this preventing the government to want to keep its commitments in terms of the development of renewable energies, “to prepare for the future”.

Bruno Le Maire also assures us that this ecological transition would allow the creation of “hundreds of thousands” of jobs in the long term. “For the ecological transition to be accepted by all French people, it must create jobs”. For this, Bercy therefore wants to initiate a training process, so that “our choices of new industrial sectors translate into new jobs”, and not by an influx of posted workers.

Finally concerning the financing of these 30 billion dedicated to the “green recovery”, Bruno Le Maire reiterated the government’s commitment not to increase taxes to repay the debt. “Debt allows these investments for the French and for the planet. Let us be clear: this debt will have to be repaid. It will not be by tax increases, but by new growth and by good management of public finances”.


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