Burger King launches a 100% vegetarian Whopper in France

Burger King launches a 100% vegetarian Whopper in France

© BurgerKing

Already available in several countries, the Rebel Whooper arrives in France to the delight of vegetarians. A very special sandwich since Burger King historically relies on the taste of its famous grilled meat. The product was cooked with the help of The Vegeterian Butcher, a Dutch start-up specializing in the production of vegetable meat.

The chopped veggie This Rebel Whooper has been made with wheat, soybeans, vegetable oils and spices, which allows it to have the texture, the color of meat. Without forgetting its smoky taste! Nothing changes otherwise: we will find in the sandwich pickles, tomatoes, onions, salad and of course the legendary Whopper sauce. To be consumed without moderation since the Rebel Whooper is Nutriscore A.

“The Rebel Whopper has been designed to offer all the pleasure of tasting the Whopper with a vegetal alternative to replace meat (…) We are eager to hear the opinion of our customers on this 100% original burger”, underlined Alexandre Simon, the marketing director of Burger King France.

No time to waste to taste it, the sandwich will be on the menu only until August 31, 2020, and in a dozen of restaurants in Nice, Toulouse and Amiens. After these 3 weeks of testing, the Rebel Whooper could well make its arrival throughout France.


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