Caixa will pay the 5th installment of aid for babies born in February this Wednesday (02)

Caixa will pay the 5th installment of aid for babies born in February this Wednesday (02)

This Wednesday (02), beneficiaries born in February will receive the 5th installment of emergency aid of R $ 600. The amount will be available on Caixa’s digital account and can be used to pay bills and purchases using the application’s virtual card. Box Has.

On the date, those approved born in February, who have not yet received the first installment, will also have credit in the digital account. The same will happen with those who are waiting for the payment of the second or third installment of the aid and were born in the same month.

+ Bolsonaro, on aid: this is not a retirement, it is an emergency aid

+ Born in August will have access to the withdrawal of emergency aid this Tuesday

The new payment schedule, known as Cycle 2, provides credit for all approved people born in a given month, without the old division of dates by installments. The aid can be withdrawn in cash on September 22, for those who receive the amount in the digital account on Wednesday.

To clarify doubts, it is possible to check the status of the registration on here.

New Approved

Caixa reported that more than 275,000 emergency aid beneficiaries have recently been approved. These people will receive the benefit from this payment cycle. The first installment has already been released for those born in January. For cycles 3 and 4, Caixa will make two deposits at once.

See the full calendar below:

Payment schedule for Cycle 2

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Payment schedule for Cycle 2


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