Calabria, management of the migrant center: a mayor under investigation

Calabria, management of the migrant center: a mayor under investigation

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A real “center of illicit gain and of joint interests, for the consolidation of the personal and professional relationships of the managers, in particular the Mayor, and for the strengthening of his political influence in the territory, all with serious damage to the principles of good performance , impartiality, legality and transparency of the Public Administration “. According to the investigators, it was what had become the reception center for migrants of Varapodio according to the reconstruction made by the carabinieri of the Company of Taurianova and by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Palmi directed by Ottavio Sferlazza with the investigation “Dear welcome” in which six people including the mayor of Varapodio Orlando Fazzolari.

Among other things, according to the indictment, the mayor entrusted the convention for the management of the center to the social cooperative company “Itaca” – with the legal representative of which he had consolidated relationships of collaboration, friendship and joint interest – in exchange for the hiring, with occasional work contracts, of people linked to him by collaborative relationships, including political ones and friendships.

Among these, the hiring of two majority directors and the wife of one of the two, with no specific competence, who received a monthly contribution advanced by the Cooperative and then reimbursed by the Municipality, is contested. For the recruitment of one of the directors, the legal representative of the coop is also accused of embezzlement. In fact, in a phase of political tension with the Mayor, to prevent the director from breaking political relations with Fazzolari, the manager of the company, according to the accusation, would have distracted part of the fees paid by the Municipality of Varapodio to pay the employee 200 euros in more per month than established by the collaboration agreement.


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