Cameron Diaz explains why she left Hollywood

Cameron Diaz explains why she left Hollywood



Cameron Diaz revealed to have “found peace” after quitting her acting career at Hollywood.

The star confided in Gwyneth Paltrow in an interview broadcast yesterday at In Goop Health: The Sessions.

The discussion between the two women focused on several topics affecting the retired actress of 47 years, including his vineyard, how her mentality changed as we got older and the impact of its career on his well-being and his relations.

“I decided that I wanted to change some things in my life. I have worked so hard and for a long time. Working on making films, it’s so backbreaking. I didn’t really have space for my personal life, ”says Cameron Diaz.

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Cameron Diaz explains why she left Hollywood

What does she remember most from leaving Hollywood?

“The peace. I am now at peace. I was finally able to take time for myself, ”admits the star.

Cameron Diaz has now decided to focus on his family relationships and friendly after regaining control of his life.

“When you make a movie, that’s the perfect excuse. They have you. You are present 12 hours a day, for months, and you have no time for anything else ”.

“The actors are infantilized. We are in a position where everyone takes care of us, ”adds the ex-actress who has never felt comfortable in this kind of life.

Now retired, she decided to take back control of her life.

Ever since she left her life as an actress in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz wrote two pounds (The Body Book, The Longevity Book), its married at Benji Madden in 2015 and became mom of a little girl, Raddix.

In career, films starring Cameron Diaz have generated revenues of over $ 5.5 billion at the box office.

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