Carrera Cup Italia, Quaresmini “lights up” the night of Misano

Carrera Cup Italia, Quaresmini

Gianmarco Quaresmini, Tsunami RT

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Gianmarco Quaresmini, Tsunami RT

Tsunami RT from Brescia dominates from pole and tries the first escape of the season, while Monaco finishes 2nd, Iaquinta 3rd (but under investigation for a “cut” at the start) and Cerqui 4th. Pastorelli wins in the Michelin Cup with Mardini ko and Biolghini “raises” the SIlver Cup. Sunday race 2 at 12.50 with Moretti and Fumanelli in the front row and live TV on Cielo and Sky Sport Arena

Sweet night for Gianmarco Quaresmini on Saturday of the second round of the Carrera Cup Italia in Misano. After the morning pole position, the 2018 champion won with a flag to flag practically never in question and with the fastest lap race 1 of the weekend preceding the podium Stefano Monaco (Dinamic Motorsport), who sprinted alongside him in the front row and he was able to keep the top rhythm until the end, and Simone Iaquinta.

For Quaresmini an en plein of points that projects him increasingly in command of the provisional classification of the Porsche Italia single-brand, in which the standard bearer of Tsunami RT precedes Iaquinta.

The defending champion, however, must still be confirmed third place obtained at the finish due to a “cut” at the first corner at the start, when he gained two positions: on Alberto Cerqui (AB Racing), who then actually finished fourth behind of the Calabrian driver, and on David Fumanelli, who did not have an optimal starting point finding himself (and then finishing) in fifth position.

Big surprise of the evening is the sixth place of the absolute “deb” Marzio Moretti. The 18-year-old Bonaldi Motorsport driver, who started tenth on the grid, overtook Aldo Festante (Ombra Racing) and shortly after Bashar Mardini (Tsunami RT), finding himself behind the Dinamic Motorsport duo formed by Lodovico Laurini and Nicola Baldan, both but forced to retire: Baldan due to problems with the braking system, Laurini in the end due to a problem with a tire that made him leave the track with consequent use of the safety car to remove the car from the escape route.

At that point the safety car actually “escorted” the cars to the finish line, with Quaresmini on the top and Moretti climbing in sixth place and therefore in pole position for race 2 on Sunday, which will also be the second race for the rookie mantovano absolutely at the wheel of a 911 GT3 CUp.

Behind Moretti ended a brilliant Giovanni Altoè. The 22-year-old Raptor Engineering driver soon reassembled from the middle of the grid, finding himself in the full points zone, which are the first in the Italian series for both him and the new team founded by Andrea Palma. The best thing about his race was probably the row on Bashar Mardini at the Quercia, just before the patatrac between Aldo Festante and Risto Vukov happened, who at the same curve caromed right on Mardini’s 911 GT3 Cup, in fact also ruining the race of the Canadian, finished dubbed after a pit for tire change, and retiring both as a result of the crash (which by the way is still under investigation).

The carambola between the three favored the ascent of the Ombra Racing duo formed by Emil Skaras and Leonardo Caglioni. The two rookies fought each other and in the end the Swede managed to move up to eighth position, while the youngest driver of the lot finished ninth with the first points of his career in the Carrera Cup Italy.

Making the most of Mardini’s unfortunate race, Luca Pastorelli completed a top 10 “eventful” by filling up on points in Michelin CUp, a classification that now the Modenese gentleman driver of Krypton Motorsport, at the first category success in the season, own guide on Mardini, while Piero Randazzo gives AB Racing the second step of the podium followed by Marco Galassi, third as at Mugello for Team Malucelli.

A tough battle was also in the Silver Cup, where the poleman Diego Mercurio (Ghinzani Arco Motorsport) failed to get the better of a wild Pablo Biolghini. The Bergamo bishop of Tsunami RT put him on the Quercia taking the highest step, while Mercurio still finished a good second ahead of Max Montagnese (GDL Racing).

With Moretti in pole position and Fumanelli at his side, tomorrow (Sunday) race 2 concludes the second round of the Italian series at 12.50 on live TV on Cielo and Sky Sport Arena and an absolute classification that currently rewards Quaresmini with 52 points, 14 in more than iaquinta and 16 more than Cerqui. A first escape that among other things still awaits the response on the duel starting right between Iaquinta and Cerqui.

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