Catalonia leads the number of daily infections with 1,091 more positives and 7 deaths

Catalonia leads the number of daily infections with 1,091 more positives and 7 deaths

The Generalitat de Catalunya began this Thursday in the town of Terrassa (Barcelona), a massive and voluntary screening in two tents installed in the city. (EFE)

The Generalitat de Catalunya began this Thursday in the town of Terrassa (Barcelona), a massive and voluntary screening in two tents installed in the city. (EFE)

The number of positives for coronavirus in Spain register new rises and outbreaks in the country. Thus, in Catalonia the number of infections again exceeds the figure of 1,000 infected in 24 hours and confirms until this Sunday 106,657 cumulative confirmed cases of coronavirus, 1,091 more than in the count on Saturday, informs the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat through its website. The total death toll amounts to 12,822, 7 more than those registered on Saturday: 7,038 in hospital or social health center, 4,120 in residence, 814 at home and 850 that are not classifiable due to lack of information.

Regarding the patients currently admitted, the figure stands at 564, which represents a 20 increase compared to Saturday. A total of 110 patients are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), two more than in the previous balance, when there were 108. Regrowth risk rate has dropped slightly: on Saturday it reached a level of 160.34, and 24 hours later it is at 156.18.

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R. CanoIn Aragon, the community most affected by outbreaks in Spain, the TSJA suspends in a precautionary way the obligation to close the hotel premises at one in the morning

So far, in nursing homes there have been 16,863 people who have tested positive —40 more than in the previous balance—, of which 6,347 have died and 40 are currently admitted.

Regarding the region of Segrià (Lleida), since the start of the pandemic there have been 6,397 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which 182 have died, while currently there are 51 patients admitted –8 of them in the ICU–; the risk of regrowth is 360.94.

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P. B.Nightlife continues to be in the spotlight while new infections continue to grow throughout Spain, especially in Catalonia, Euskadi, Aragon and Castilla y León

In the region of Barcelonès (Barcelona) 41,252 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus have been recorded since the start of the pandemic, with 5,297 deaths, while there are currently 235 patients admitted -43 of them in the ICU-; the risk of regrowth is 233.31. At Vallès occidental (Barcelona) 10,742 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus have been registered since the pandemic began, with 1,430 deaths; there are currently 65 patients admitted, of which 7 are in ICU, while the risk of regrowth is 145.61.

At Vallès Oriental (Barcelona), since the beginning of the pandemic there have been 4,301 accumulated confirmed cases, of which 601 have died, while there are currently 20 patients admitted – none of them to the ICU – and the risk of reappearance is 187 , 10.

Galicia reports one more death

In Galicia, an 83-year-old woman who was sick with covid has died in the Navy Hospital, according to the latest data from the Department of Health. This death is added to that of a 91-year-old woman who passed away on Friday and that she was admitted to the Ourense hospital. It was the first death in almost two months in Galicia, since the previous one was registered on June 10. With that of the deceased woman in A Mariña, they are 621 total dead caused by the pandemic in the Community. Sanidade has specified that this last victim had previous pathologies.

The community has also offered updated data on active infections: they are 591, 59 more than yesterday. Once again, it is the health area of ​​A Coruña that draws the statistics, with 56 registered positives more than the previous reference.

In Madrid, five elderly evacuated

The mayor of Ciempozuelos, Raquel Jimeno, has reported that five of the eight elders transferred from a residence of San Martin de la Vega -where an outbreak of coronavirus– Your locality has tested positive, and has criticized that a center free of the disease has now become a new focus.

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The evolution of the Burbáguena residence, in the province of Teruel, is of particular concern. The coronavirus outbreak adds a total of 77 infections in this center

Last day 5 it was reported that the residence of San Marcos de San Martín de la Vega registered a deceased by coronavirus and had 48 positives (40 residents and eight workers, of which five are admitted to a hospital), so it was decided to evacuate 25 users who tested negative in PCR tests to other centers.

This Saturday, “five of the eight residents transferred to Ciempozuelos have tested positive, which has converted a residence that was free of coronavirus in a new focus, “explains the mayor in a statement.

Euskadi registers 48 fewer assets

The new positives detected in Euskadi by PCR tests have risen to 342 in the last 24 hours, a figure that represents 48 less than those released this past Saturday. Of them, the vast majority, 248, have occurred in Vizcaya, a figure that represents 20 fewer infected than in the previous day.

According to the latest data on the effect of the coronavirus pandemic in the Basque Country made public by the Basque Department of Health, in the 6,566 PCR tests carried out in the last day in Euskadi, 43 new cases have also been detected in Álava, 18 less than a day before. For its part, with regard to Guipúzcoa the number of new infections is 50, which also means seven fewer infections than on Friday. Furthermore, a case has been discovered in a person living outside the Basque Autonomous Community.


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