‘Children are the major transmitters of the virus’, says Kalil

'Children are the major transmitters of the virus', says Kalil

Coronavirus situation in BH guided a new press conference by Alexandre Kalil.

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Coronavirus situation in BH guided a new press conference by Alexandre Kalil.

When announcing the expansion of the resumption of commercial activities in Belo Horizonte, Mayor Alexandre Kalil (PSD) reiterated the intention to authorize the reopening of schools in the city only when the pandemic of the new coronavirus is in a milder stage. The head of the municipal executive mentioned a study by Harvard University in the United States to support the decision.

The American survey points out that children have a high viral load of COVID-19, especially in the first two days of infection, which can help spread the new coronavirus.

“It was discovered that the child is the major transmitter of the virus, although thank God, they are asymptomatic (in most cases). We have to keep them at home, isolated, with caution ”, defended the mayor.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Health, Jackson Machado Pinto, educational institutions should only be reopened when the pandemic numbers in the capital permit. “Schools will reopen when we have a reliable indicator, which allows us to say that it is safe for children and parents to go back to school. Today, we don’t have that indicator yet ”, he stressed.

A member of the Municipal Committee for Coping with COVID-19, which advises Kalil in his decision-making, the infectologist Unaí Tupinambás emphasized that Belo Horizonte has observed the protocols adopted, especially in Europe, by countries that have already authorized the return of students to classes.

“It is an issue that worries and bothers the committee and the city. We have discussed this a lot with the municipal councils of Education and Health. We have the advantage of learning from what they have done in Europe ”, he explained.

Unaí revealed that some metrics necessary for the return came to be thought. The idea, however, will not be put into practice for now.

The research was published on Thursday in the children’s medicine journal Journal of Pediatrics. The authors are professionals at the Massachusetts Children’s Hospital, linked to Harvard University.


The relaxation or tightening of measures in the capital is determined by three criteria: the average number of transmissions per infected (Rt) and the occupancy rates of ICUs and clinical beds. The Rt went from 1 to 1.01 this Wednesday (19).

The index has been rising in recent days. From 0.91 last Friday it reached 0.99 that Monday. On Tuesday, it went from green to yellow, reaching level 1, until it reached 1.01 of that fourth.

According to Secretary Jackson Machado Pinto, the occupancy of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients with the new coronavirus has dropped, as in the last few days, and is at 59.9%. Vacancies for infirmary are in demand with 49.2%.


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