Christina Millian makes a stunning declaration of love for M Pokora

Christina Millian makes a stunning declaration of love for M Pokora

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Three years ago, Christina Millian and M Pokora surprised everyone by announcing being in a relationship and crazy in love one of the other. Since then, lovers never leave each other and have even become the happy parents of a little boy named Isaiah. In short, they are swimming in happiness and it is a pleasure to see.

A summer in Saint-Tropez

Currently on vacation in the south of France, Christina Millian and M Pokora are taking advantage of the good weather and the relative calm of summer to rest after the arrival of their son and above all to enjoy them as a couple. On her Instagram account, the sublime Christina Millian recently shared a couple photo taken during the holidays. A photo that exudes love and under which she evoked all her love for her companion, but also the evidence of their story and their meeting. Pretty confidences.

“Three years ago and four summers ago, I met my best friend, my birthday twin and the missing puzzle piece right here where we are today. The second I saw him I was blown away by him, but I wasn’t sure if I was his style. But as soon as we knew we had the same date of birth, our honest attraction turned into an uncontrollable chemical reaction (…) I love you. “

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