Clash over aid to the South, Forza Italia and Lega hard: “Electoral maneuver”

Clash over aid to the South, Forza Italia and Lega hard:


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With the decree August the government has put 25 billion on the table to deal with the consequences of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. Useful money, yes, but not entirely sufficient to help families, workers and businesses overwhelmed by what, without a shadow of a doubt, can be defined as a perfect storm. However, it is not surprising that the maneuver divides the mode of politics and production. The majority forces exalt it, the opposition ones attack it while the industrialists are critical: normal party play. Yet, the August decree seems to have something extra that could fuel further tensions by bringing to the surface the old divisions between North e South.

As La Stampa says, Confindustria expresses an unflattering judgment on the maneuver. The association of industrialists expected direct resources to entrepreneurs and fewer incentives to rain. But in Viale dell’Astronomia it would seem that they did not like the advantageous taxation system that should favor southern businesses with a cut of 30% of contributions for all workers already hired and new hires. Also in this case, despite the criticisms of the maneuver substantially judged to be welfare-related, Confindustria was rather cautious. The reason is simple: do not go against the Confindustria associations of the South as the new national presidency is considered hypernordist.

A general criticism therefore, which affects the whole maneuver. Attitude also followed in opposition parties that do not want the wrong message to be sent. The measures for the South are not attacked as such, but a maneuver that does not help all industrialists, but only some. This also means accepting the advantageous taxation but in an overall system of aid to businesses also in the North. The only one not to worry is Renato Brunetta, financial manager of Fi. According to the Italian exponent, the maneuver is an “electoral operation” and therefore “it is clear that the government and this majority are turning more to certain regions of the South. It is there for all to see. After all, there are elections on 20 September. “.

Also cautious League. Because the efforts made by Matteo Salvini to create a large national party with controversy against a so-called “southern” maneuver cannot be ignored. In the Carroccio, however, they think about it clearly Paolo Grimoldi e Roberto Calderoli who have heard Confindustria in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia, Piedmont, the regions most affected by Covid.

“They are showing – says Grimoldi – their understandable dissatisfaction with the choices made by the government. Today the northern industrialists speak of racism towards northern companies. There is nothing in the August decree for northern companies. Do not help the affected North. from Covid to distribute money in the South, perhaps to facilitate election campaign in Campania and Puglia? , means not looking at the recovery of the country and penalizing the most productive regions and paradoxically the most affected by Covid. “Calderoli, on the other hand, wonders why a large special economic zone has not been created even in the regions most affected by Covid, in particular the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Piacenza. “These Lombard, Emilian, but also Piedmontese or Veneto territories have suffered something unthinkable in terms of loss of human life and consequent economic and productive repercussions, and for this they deserve help special and facilitated “.

It would seem, however, that even in the majority, albeit in a very silent way, there are discontent over the August decree, especially among the exponents of the Northern Democratic Party. For the moment only the former secretary dem Maurizio Martina he explained that he would like to eliminate “any anti-northern sentiment as it is necessary to do so for any anti-southern logic”. As already indicated, Confindustria has a cautious attitude but its base, even the one that should be closest to the left, does not fit. Massimo Calearo, an entrepreneur from Vicenza and former Democratic Party deputy, said: “It should be an Italian issue and not just in the South, I don’t think it’s a great idea. We continue to give money to rains and instead every single case should be analyzed. It is a complex situation that should be analyzed by experts and not by amateurs in jeopardy “.


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