Conmebol seeks interested in transmitting to Libertadores after Globo asks for termination of contract

Conmebol seeks interested in transmitting to Libertadores after Globo asks for termination of contract

A Conmebol runs out of time to prevent multiple games from Libertadores and yes Copa Sudamericana, including Brazilian teams, do not broadcast to Brazil. The competition will be played again on September 15th and, for now, only the channel Fox Sports the games will pass, but not all. THE TV Globo it’s the DAZN , who pass Libertadores and Sul-Americana, respectively, asked for contract termination because of the financial crisis due to the new coronavirus.

Both Globo and DAZN claimed that the amounts previously paid to Conmebol are not feasible at the moment, as their revenue has plummeted in recent months. Thus, the entity that manages South American football decided to offer the transmission of the games to different channels and media.

Conmebol seeks interested in transmitting to Libertadores

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Conmebol seeks interested in transmitting to Libertadores

Globo itself is one of those that negotiate. If a settlement occurs, the amounts will be much less than the previous contract. At the same time, Conmebol also talks with other open TV channels and with ESPN Brasil, which, due to the partnership with Fox Sports – after the purchase of Fox by Disney – must pass some games.

THE Estadão found that there is a mutual interest between Globo and Conmebol for the agreement to be redone. However, the entity expects other interested parties to appear with higher amounts to pressure the broadcaster in Rio. So far, Turner, responsible for the TNT channel, has shown no interest in entering the dispute.

Of all the open signal stations, Rede TV! Was the one that most showed interest. Conmebol also talks to Facebook, which already plays one game per round on Thursdays, and could increase the number of transmissions.

The tendency is that there will be an agreement between Globo and Conmebol, but other broadcasters may start broadcasting as well. With the end of exclusivity, the tendency is for the dispute for the audience to be even greater.

It is noteworthy that the Copa Libertadores broadcasting rights have nothing to do with Provisional Measure 984, which determines that the broadcasting rights of the games should be held by the home teams. This decision is only valid for games of national competitions.

Copa Sudamericana without transmission?

The lack of definition about the Libertadores broadcast also affects the Copa Sudamericana. The tournament has exclusive DAZN transmission, but if the streaming channel is unable to maintain the agreement, it is possible that the games will not be shown to Brazil.

But as the tournament will only be held again in October, the rush is a little less. Anyway, the tournament has also been used as a “bargain” by Conmebol to try to get a deal aimed at Libertadores.

Seven Brazilian teams are competing in the Copa Libertadores da América. They are: Flamengo, Athletico-PR, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Grêmio, Inter and Santos. And only two Brazilian clubs continue to fight for the title in the South American Cup: Vasco and Bahia. Fortaleza, Fluminense, Goiás and Atlético-MG were eliminated in the first phase.


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