Corinthians returns to play badly, but beat the lantern Coritiba and obtain the 1st victory

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THE Corinthians achieved his first victory in the Brazilian championshipdefeating the lantern Coritiba, by 3 to 1, this Wednesday night, in Itaquera. But the team’s production was far from enthusing the fans, who once again only followed on television.

The best of the Corinthians team was only presented in the last 45 minutes, in front of a rival who lost the four matches he played in the Brasileirão and who played with ten athletes since the first 15 minutes of dispute.

Corinthians’ first half was poor. Facing an opponent who came from three consecutive defeats in the championship, Tiago Nunes’s men, who served a suspension for expulsion against Grêmio, showed almost nothing positive.

On the contrary. Coritiba was even a little better until the 15th minute, with three submissions, but the child expulsion of Yan Sasse, who elbowed Araos, reminding Leonardo’s attitude at the 1994 World Cup.

From then on, the people of Paraná closed and gave space for Corinthians to create plays, but the lack of inspiration, especially from the midfield blacks, prevented Wilson’s goal from being attacked.

In the 25th minute, in a very debatable move, referee Braulio da Silva Machado saw a penalty from Patrick Vieira in Léo Natel. Joe had two chances to score and Wilson defended both. In the first, he moved, but in the second, it was much more.

Disorganized and without creativity, Corinthians only reached the goals in the 37th minute, because Lé Natel’s unpretentious shot deflected in the defense and tricked Wilson. The fragile Corinthians football was punished, at 42, when Sassá appeared alone before Cássio to draw.

In the interval, assistant coach Evandro Fornari put Éderson and Gustavo Mosquito, forced the shots from the ends and brought the most connected team in the game. Nothing special, but it has already served to pressure weak Coritiba.

At 3 minutes, Jô deflected a cross from Araos and redeemed himself in part of the penalties lost in the first stage: 2 to 1. Even without glare, Corinthians forced in search of expanding the score, but bumped into Wilson’s good performance.

The goalkeeper from Paraná made at least three beautiful saves, but almost took a chicken in the 11th minute, after missing a weak cross made by Fagner. Rhodolfo moved almost over the line.

Corinthians only used the advantage of one more player in the last 15 minutes, when they touched the ball better, managed to dominate Coritiba and not suffer any kind of surprise. At 38 minutes, Wilson still had time to make another good save in Jô’s header.

Corinthians’ best move was only to leave at 42 and still had the help of a failure of the defense from Paraná. Gustavo Mosquito pulled the counterattack and still had breath to finish. The victory was fair, but elastic for the weak football presented by the current vice-champion of São Paulo.



CORINTHIANS – Cassio; Fagner, Gil, Danilo Avelar and Sidcley (Lucas Piton); Gabriel (Éderson), Cantillo (Camacho), Ramiro (Gustavo Mosquito) and Araos; Léo Natel (Ruan Oliveira) and Jô. Technical: Evandro Fornari.

CORITIBA – Wilson; Patrick Vieira, Rhodolfo, Sabino and William Matheus; Matheus Galdezani (Matheus Sales), Matheus Bueno (Luiz Henrique), Yan Sasse and Neilton (Igor Jesus); Sassá and Robson (Wellisol). Technical: Eduardo Barroca.

GOALS – Léo Natel at 37 and Sassá at 42 minutes of the first half; Jo at three and Gustavo Mosquito at 42 of the second.

REFEREE – Braulio da Silva Machado (SC).

YELLOW CARDS – Patrick Vieira, Araos, Lucas Piton.

RED CARD – Yan Sasse.

INCOME AND PUBLIC – Game played with closed gates.

LOCAL – Arena Corinthians, in São Paulo.

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