Coronavirus in the world, due to the pandemic Virgin Atlantic asks for bankruptcy

Coronavirus in the world, due to the pandemic Virgin Atlantic asks for bankruptcy

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UK-based Virgin Atlantic airline filed for bankruptcy in the US due to the pandemic, asking for article 15 protection. The company received $ 1.5 billion in aid last month to maintain solvency, just a few days before the deadline to resume flights. The company reported that the recapitalization plan will be developed in 18 months and has the support of shareholders, new investors and existing creditors.

Trump, we will not close the country

“We will not close our country”. This was confirmed by US President Donald Trump, speaking of the pandemic and reiterating that the United States has “one of the lowest mortality rates in the world”. But to deny it, the Johns Hopkins university website according to which the USA is in fourth place among the 20 most affected by the pandemic (with 4% of the world population but almost 23% of the deaths).

In Brazil 1,154 others died, toll 95,819

Another 1,154 coronavirus-related deaths in Brazil. The toll rises to 95,819 victims, according to reports from the Ministry of Health. Another 51-603 new cases of contagion in the last 24 hours. The state of Sao Paulo was hit hardest by the pandemic with 23,702 deaths.

Use, use SME funds to buy Lamborghini

He had obtained $ 1.6 million in aid for SMEs against coronavirus and used it to buy a $ 200,000 Lamborghini, a Ford pickup, a Rolex and real estate. The rest had spent him doing crazy things in striptease clubs. Now the man, a 29-year-old from Houston, Texas, has been charged with fraud, the Justice Department announced. He had managed to obtain the funds, intended to keep the wages of employees in the pandemic, asking for them on behalf of two companies that had no wages. The owner of one of the two companies had died in April.

Trump assesses wage tax suspension

Donald Trump has announced that he is examining various options on unemployment benefits without involving Congress, where there is a stalemate in negotiations regarding the new anti-coronavirus aid package. The American president said he considers suspending payroll taxes. The tycoon also plans to intervene on the suspension of the evictions.


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