Coronavirus. outbreak with 97 positives in the Mantua

 Coronavirus. outbreak with 97 positives in the Mantua

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A 97-positive Covid outbreak was discovered in a farm in the Mantua, thanks to a screening work by the Valpadana health company put on alert by a general practitioner. “Three patients showed mild symptoms, the others are all asymptomatic,” said the councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy region Giulio Gallera. A doctor reported a patient with a fever, the swab gave a positive result and so he tried to identify all family and work contacts. Discovering that the man works in a plant in the agricultural sector in the Mantua, the owner of the company and the competent doctor were therefore alerted to organize a ‘carpet’ screening with nasopharyngeal swab on all workers employed in the plant. 250 employees were swabbed. The analysis of 172 workers highlighted the positivity of 96 subjects, in addition to the ‘index’ case that had given rise to the survey. The screening activity will continue. Extraordinary sanitization measures have been arranged for all rooms, to be repeated in the coming days.


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