Danna Paola revealed that she loves tiktoker Josi videos

Danna Paola revealed that she loves tiktoker Josi videos

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We all know Josi, this irreverent 16-year-old who has become known for his funny videos on TikTok. The creative teenager with a peculiar voice has managed to gain followers during this quarantine, thanks to his growing acceptance, he has been able to interview the singer for a few minutes Danna Paola.

Both the artist and our Peruvian talent, Josi are regular users of TikTok, so we see constant clips that they share with their followers.

The Mexican singer commented that she was happy to meet him and revealed in the short communication she had with Josi, that she loves the young man’s videos.

“Happy to meet you, I love your TikToks”, expressed the artist, to which the Peruvian tiktoker replied, “me too”, but what he tried to say is that he “loves the singer”.

Later, Josi asked him about the lyrics of the song ‘Pablo’, “I saw in a summary that your live on TikTok that you spoke that Pablo’s story was real. And that, I didn’t know and well, in the end did you manage to find it ”.

Who’s Josi?

Josémaría Martínez Escobar, better known in the world of social networks as ‘Josi’, who at his young age has almost 10 million followers on his TikTok account. Her videos are essentially comic cut. Josi was born on June 9, 2004 in Chiclayo and is currently one of the most famous influencers in our country.


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