Deniers parade in Berlin, we second wave

Deniers parade in Berlin, we second wave

Deniers parade in Berlin, we second wave

Deniers parade in Berlin, we second wave


(ANSA) – BERLIN, AUGUST 01 – While in Germany the coronavirus alert is getting higher with almost 1000 new infections recorded in the last 24 hours, today in Berlin thousands of pandemic denialists, hostile to the restrictive measures of individual freedoms, they marched through the streets of the center to the Brandenburg Gate. “The end of the pandemic – Freedom Day”: this is how the organizers called the mobilization against what the participants believe “the biggest conspiracy theory. The police estimated the presence of 15,000 demonstrators, much less than the 500,000 expected by the sponsors of the initiative, including no-vax and right-wing extremists.

Many in the procession sang “we are the second wave” or “resistance” and few wore a mask, just as by the majority of people the normally obligatory physical distance of one and a half meters was not respected. With megaphones, the agents repeatedly called on the demonstrators to respect the gestures of the barrier, but were not listened to. The police announced on Twitter that they had “filed a complaint” against the organizer of the event for “non-compliance with hygiene rules”.

There was no shortage of counter-marches, including that of the “grandmothers against the far right” who insulted the negationists calling them “Nazis”.

Among the most popular slogans of the demonstrators: “Show me your smile”, in reference to the refusal to use the masks and “We are noisy, because our freedom is stolen” and again “The mask is the Nazi Jewish star of the unvaccinated”.

Criticized by several policy makers, the protesters were branded as ‘covidiots’ by Social Democrat Saskia Esken, a minority ally of the ruling coalition with Angela Merkel’s conservatives. (HANDLE).


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