Didillon’s departure from the Circle called into question? “Another agent intervened”

Thomas Didillon will not move to the Circle

The agreement between Cercle de Bruges and Anderlecht for Thomas Didillon seemed to have been found, but in the meantime the goalkeeper has still not appeared at the club.

Didillon Thomas

© photonews
Didillon Thomas

Everything has been arranged at club level, but Didillon himself now seems to have doubts, despite initially agreeing to the transfer.

“It is entirely possible that we are handling the deal through AS Monaco, but that in itself makes little difference. Anderlecht can use the money from the transfer fees and Didillon, as their agent, also agreed to this departure “, declared Vincent Goemaere, president of the Circle at Nieuwsblad.

“But in the meantime, another agent has come, who makes Didillon doubt and says he had better wait. He also claims to be able to place him in Germany. The transfer window will reopen in September until the beginning of October, which causes hesitation and delay. ”


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