District Court of Kiel is examining a new application

District Court of Kiel is examining a new application

Kiel / Hanover. The Maddie suspect wants to end his drug trafficking sentence earlier and submits a new request for release. He is currently serving a prison term in Kiel.


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In the case of Maddie, the district court in Kiel wants to examine whether it is responsible for a new application for the suspect’s early release. The 43-year-old is currently serving a 21-month prison term in Kiel for drug trafficking that the Niebüll District Court had imposed a few years ago. Detention ends on January 7, 2021, two thirds of this sentence was served on June 7 of this year.

As a spokesman for the Kiel Regional Court announced on Tuesday, the 43-year-old’s lawyer made another application for exemption on July 29. The district court of Kiel asked the district court of Braunschweig to transmit the files. They had not yet arrived.

The suspect’s lawyer had previously withdrawn an application to the Braunschweig Regional Court for exemption from imprisonment. The regional courts of Kiel and Braunschweig had considered themselves not responsible for the first application. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled that the Braunschweig district court was responsible.

However, the 43-year-old said through his lawyer that he had lost confidence in the Braunschweig judiciary after he believed that the regional court there wrongly sentenced him to rape a 72-year-old American.

If the district court in Kiel considers itself responsible for the new application for exemption from detention, it will decide the matter, the court spokesman said. If not, it will forward the application to Braunschweig. Then, if the regional court did not see jurisdiction, clarification by the BGH could be necessary again.

If the application for exemption from detention is successful, the suspect does not necessarily have to be released – for example, if an order for pre-trial detention should be available in the rape case. The man is said to have raped a 72-year-old in 2005 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, around a year and a half before the disappearance of British Madeleine McCann. The 43-year-old appealed against the Braunschweig judgment of December 2019, which has not yet been decided.

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