Drake’s flow targets criticism

Drake's flow targets criticism

The rapper is criticized for having been inspired by The Weeknd for his rap on DJ Khaled’s single “Greece”.

Drake, 33, is one of the world's music heavyweights.

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Drake, 33, is one of the world’s music heavyweights.

This title is a hit around the world. Since its release in mid-July, “Greece”, by DJ Khaled in collaboration with Drake, is among the most listened to at the moment, including in Switzerland, where it is in 13th position on Spotify. Drake’s performance, however, is subject to debate on Twitter.

Many Internet users criticize the Canadian star for having appropriated the very typical flow of The Weeknd. “Is it The Weeknd singing or is it Drake with autotune?” The two are the same “,” Drake stole the flow of The Weeknd “,” I’m lost. I could have sworn it was The Weeknd. I was shocked when I saw that it wasn’t him “,” Greece “is a failed attempt by Drake to add The Weeknd to the list of people he has already stolen”, one can read among several hundred tweets that point in the same direction. Drake naturally did not react to this controversy. DJ Khaled, author of the title, has, him, paid homage to the rapper for his love and friendship for ten years, without raising the resounding bad buzz that his single makes.


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