Drought becomes a challenge for the fire service

Drought becomes a challenge for the fire service

Duration: 01:34

The fire brigade’s emergency services were alerted on Monday evening (August 10, 2020) about a field fire between Issigau and Hölle (district of Hof). For reasons unknown until now, a vehicle that was parked in a field caught fire. The flames spread rapidly over a large area. Additional units are alerted on the way. “On the way there, I had several fire trucks re-alerted,” explains Florian Reuther, head of operations at the Issigau fire department. The first comrades immediately begin to contain the fire. The heat and drought make them difficult. “The current problem is the great drought, our main source of water, the Issig brook has almost no water and that makes extinguishing work extremely difficult,” said Reuther. The emergency services were finally able to extinguish the fire, which had spread over an area of ​​around 800 square meters in the dry field. It was also exhausting for the helpers, who kept releasing themselves to avoid collapsing in the heat. The reason for the fire is still unclear.


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