Dutch champion could be out of coma on Thursday

Dutch champion could be out of coma on Thursday

Wrestling in the final sprint of the first stage of the Tour of Poland, Fabio Jakobsen, 23, was violently thrown against the barriers. He was placed in a coma, his condition remaining serious but stable.

The crash at the finish line in Katowice, Poland on Wednesday.

The crash at the finish line in Katowice, Poland on Wednesday.

The state of health of the champion of the Netherlands, Fabio Jakobsen, victim of a terrible fall on Wednesday at the finish line in Katowice (south) of the first stage of the Tour of Poland, remains “serious” but is “stable “, Said Thursday morning the doctors of the hospital where the cyclist is treated. The Deceuninck-Quick Step runner underwent five-hour overnight head surgery and is still in intensive care, in an induced coma.

“A CT scan was done and the brain does not seem to have been damaged … The main injuries are in the face. Fortunately, the eyes were not affected. His condition is serious but stable, ”Pawel Gruenpeter, deputy director of Sosnowiec hospital, told Polish media. “Today we will try to get him out of a coma,” he added.

While doctors feared a time for his life, they finally managed to stabilize him late Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning, race organizer Czeslaw Lang said he was “somewhat relieved” after speaking to medics. “After seeing the accident, we feared the worst, but now we know the situation is serious but stabilized,” he added.

“He does not have an injury to the rib cage, it is mainly the skull and the brain”

“He lost a lot of blood, but we managed to intubate him, his airways were free. He was given oxygen, all the necessary medication. The heart was working fine. He does not have a rib cage injury, it is especially the skull and the brain “, explained before Barbara Jerschina, race doctor on Polish television” Polsat Sport “.

Jakobsen was squeezed shortly before the line by compatriot Dylan Groenewegen in a sprint at full speed, on a downward false flat, and was thrown over the barriers. A few meters before the finish, Groenewegen veered off to the right and hindered Jakobsen with his elbow, which flew into the barriers and made a “sun”. He hit head-on a racing judge who was at the line, behind a barrier.

The barriers then fell onto the road, causing other falls, including those of Groenewegen and Frenchman Marc Sarreau who, according to his Groupama-FDJ team, suffers from a major shoulder trauma and multiple ligament ruptures. Sarreau, second on the stage, is forfeited for the next stage.

“We have to put this guy in jail”

Deceuninck Quick-Step Managing Director Patrick Lefevere directly blamed Dylan Groenewegen’s irresponsibility. “We have to put this guy in jail,” he said on Twitter. I’m going to court, these kind of actions must be outside of cycling. It is a criminal fact. ”

For its part, the Jumbo-Visma team, to which Groenewegen belongs, issued its public apologies: “Our thoughts are with Fabio Jakobsen and the others involved in today’s terrible accident on the Tour of Poland. Accidents like these shouldn’t happen. We sincerely apologize and will discuss internally what happened before we can issue another statement. ”

“Cyclists haven’t run for a few months and are no longer used to it. And unfortunately this is such a tragic result, ”said race organizer Czeslaw Lang.

Groenewegen, the first to cross the line, was disqualified by the jury of commissioners. The International Cycling Union (UCI) condemned “strongly the dangerous behavior” of Groenewegen which it judged “unacceptable” and declared seizing the disciplinary commission “to ask for sanctions commensurate with the gravity of the facts”.


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