Eva de Dominici spoke of her hard experience to regain her figure

Eva de Dominici spoke of her hard experience to regain her figure

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Eva de Dominci He was sincere before his followers and He related how much it cost him to achieve a fitness figure. So is, the interpreter shared a postcard in which shows your fitness and talked about the importance of leading a healthy life accompanied by a workout.

“I want to share with you a physical training challenge that I have been doing myself. Requires 90 days of commitment to start “, started 25-year-old actress on their social networks.

Then, Cairo Cruz’s mother He continued: “I can devour entire books and scripts, learn a thousand texts by speaking and repeating alone all night, watch movies and series like a marathon and I never get tired. But when it comes to training: I suffer just by saying the word “.

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“And it is difficult for me to start, but the biggest challenge for me is to be consistent with the sport, because naturally I do not like it. I had been able to strictly stick to a routine just once, when I had to play a boxer“he added the brunette.

With total conviction, Eduardo Cruz’s partner expressed in this regard: “But a few months ago I decided to force myself, and here I am … Without leaving my home, I managed to keep physical training part of my daily routine. It does me good physically and mentally. ”

“My back pain disappeared and it gives me motivation and of course I notice the changes in the muscles and resistance of the body. This proposal is complete and consists of 4 fundamental pillars for good health “.

In the same post, the Argentine celebrity He detailed what are the goals he set to achieve his fitness mission:

1. Complete training (1 different each week, progressively increasing intensity and complexity).

2. Feeding, observation and awareness starting with small steps that will lead to a change in diet, guided by one of the teachers and with the support of a nutritionist.

3. Mind, supported by coaching and NLP techniques to motivate them to transform the way they think about their health, limiting words, etc.

4. Recovery, every week they will receive new tasks or techniques that help with rapid tissue recovery, injury prevention, flexibility, relaxation, etc.

And finally, recommended to his fans and followers that do a medical consultation before making any changes in your usual life: “Before starting a new physical training remember to have recent medical checkups “.


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