Everything you want to know about season 2 of “Outer Banks”

Everything you want to know about season 2 of

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Since its release last April, the series starring the Pogues and a Hidden Treasure has seen a lot of enthusiasm and as many hoped, the green light has been given to a suite. So few details were shared by netflix, there is still a lot of information to learn, so here’s everything you want to know about season 2 of Outer Banks.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Jonas Pate has revealed that he and his team are working on the script of this second season for a few months. So he was able to share some interesting clues about the direction the story will take.

With a full finish suspense, a ton of questions remain unanswered.

While waiting for the trailer and the date on which fans can continue the adventure alongside the Pogues, we can feast on these few very relevant facts for the future.

The main characters should all be back

It was the Pogues gang that announced the show’s return with a second season, and furthermore, the creator says he wants to see the gang reunited at some point in future episodes.

So you should find John B. (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) in new adventures.

The Bahamas, yes, but briefly

The finale ends with Sarah and John B., whom the rest of the gang believes dead, sailing to the Bahamas.

That said, no more than a handful of episodes will take place there:

“We’ll get back to the Outer Banks pretty soon, I’m sure, but there will definitely be an episode or two with the Bahamas. “

Revenge will be on the menu

Since the gang believe their friends are dead and they should be spending some time away from the Outer Banks, they won’t leave the events of the finale without consequence and the premiere should therefore be eventful:

“The Pogues think John B. and Sarah are dead. So we realized that it gave us some dramatic possibilities that we could explore before bringing them all together. “

Get ready for something new

Not only will there be new mysteries to solve, but in addition, new villains are going to hamper the plans of our favorite protagonists.

Yes, the Kooks will always be there, but while

the plot thickens, new characters will appear.

It smells like a love triangle

Pate seems ready to explore several paths regarding the love life of Kiara, whose feelings for John B. are uncertain, because despite a crush confirmed by the latter, she kisses Pope in the final.

Additionally, viewers shared their desire to see JJ and Kiara together and the producers would not be deaf to this request.

So, it promises to be intense on several levels!

So it is surely not for 2020 that all these intrigues will unfold on the screen, but you will have time to follow all the gossip by then!

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