“Excel is in good hands”


Partly trained in Mouscron, Corentin Koçur had played the first matches of his professional career at Le Canonnier. Particularly attached to Excel, he is delighted to see the Mouscronnois club enter the bosom of LOSC and afford the services of a coaching duo he knows well.

Fernando Da Cruz Diego Lopez

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Fernando Da Cruz Diego Lopez

Water has flowed under the bridges since Corentin Koçur bade farewell to the Gunner. Three years ago, the Franco-Belgian winger took over the management of Luxembourg and Fola Esch after having played eleven matches with the A core from Mouscron. But he keeps a special attachment to the club that launched him.

And he is convinced of it: the takeover of Excel by Gerard Lopez is excellent news. “I think this is the best solution,” he confirms to us. “Quality players have arrived, others will arrive and, with Fernando Da Cruz and Jérémy Dos Santos, Excel is in good hands. It’s the best of the best,” insists the 24-year-old.

And Corentin Koçur speaks knowingly: he rubbed shoulders with the new coach of Excel and his deputy … at Mouscron, a few years ago. “I had Jérémy Dos Santos (the T2 of Excel) in reserves and it is the great class”, remembers the former Hurlu. “A very picky coach, who loves his job and who knows how to convey his vision of football and his passion.”

And the new Knokke winger also enjoyed working with Fernando Dda Cruz. “It was he who launched me in D1, it is proof that he likes to trust young people. Anyone who deserves his place will have the opportunity to play.”

With the two French at the helm, Corentin Koçur seems convinced: the Excel Mouscron will still amaze next season. “They are coaches with a great playing identity and I will follow their season with even more interest,” he concludes.


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