Exercising too much is bad for your mental health

Exercising too much is bad for your mental health

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According to a recent study of 1.2 million Americans published in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry Journal, excessive exercise can be harmful to our brain. But as we keep telling us that play sports is the best way to to stay healthy, How is it possible ? According to Dr Adam Chekroud, author of this study, “exercising more than 23 times per month, or training for more than 90 minutes per session is systematically associated with poor mental health“. Thus, great athletes are much more likely to have a very bad day in the month than those who practice” only “45 minutes ofphysical activity per session. And this would be due to the human metabolism: people who do too much sport tend to behave excessively, they would be more easily exhausted, either physically or mentally.

The scientists behind this study therefore recommend carrying out sports activity 30 to 60 minutes every other day. And to favor team sports, cycling and aerobics, although all occupations are good for the brain, household included.

So you will understand, too many sport may be harmful to your sanity, but it will always be a better option than never to. A good hearer.

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